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Rely on a resilient cloud-native point of sale application to provide consistent sales and service capabilities in any store location and format with Manhattan Active® Point of Sale.

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Point of Sale

The definition of physical retail stores is constantly evolving. Retailers must stay ahead of their connected customers and adapt store designs and formats to meet their changing needs and desires. Point of sale applications must adapt as well, ready to enable store teams to support customers in traditional stores, pop-up stores, experiential showrooms, neighborhood fulfillment centers, and whatever comes next. Manhattan Active Point of Sale, with its resilient cloud architecture and native mobile experience, provides retailers with a single, unified point of sale application to deliver exceptional experiences at any store location through any store format.  

Cloud-Native Point of Sale

As a cloud-native application, Manhattan Active Point of Sale provides store connectivity to complete point of sale and back-office store functions through secure communication over the network. This architecture allows the application to be used in any store location with proper network access, eliminating the need for complicated and resource-intensive on-site point of sale computing infrastructure or software. 

Resilient Cloud Technology

If secure communication to the cloud is unavailable due to network issues, Manhattan Active Point of Sale enables the store to keep operating. The application features Resilient Cloud technology that allows basic functionality such as sales, returns without a receipt, and till open/close to be performed in the case of network failure. A local subset of data and logic is provided for offline activity, allowing the storing and recording of transactional data locally and then processed once network connectivity is re-established. Resilient Cloud technology helps retailers confidently operate stores anywhere. 

Key Takeaways

  • Cloud-native architecture allows retailers to operate traditional stores and set up new store formats anywhere without complex computing infrastructure—all that is needed is network access to the cloud.
  • Resilient Cloud technology allows stores to run with basic functionality in the case of network outages, providing the confidence to engage customers anywhere.
  • Retailers can open new store formats with the same rich point of sale capabilities that empower store associates to deliver the same great experiences as in traditional stores.  

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