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Resilient Cloud

The way customers buy and retrieve purchases has shifted greatly over the past decade. Today, consumers expect the ease and vast inventory selections of digital shopping without losing the conveniences of personalized, store-based experiences.

Legacy point of sale solutions are not natively aware of the extended inventory available at other stores and in the warehouse, or of promotions that originate online and need to be completed in the store. They do not run on modern devices or with responsive interfaces, and upgrading or adding new terminals is expensive and just as limiting as legacy units.

It’s time to rethink the system.

Manhattan Active® Point of Sale with Resilient Cloud Technology

Engineered as part of the Manhattan Active Omni platform, this is a new kind of Point of Sale (POS), with cloud-native architecture that is built exclusively with microservices.

It is the only cloud-based point of sale available today with Resilient Cloud technology. Resilient Cloud offers all of the benefits of a modern cloud POS without impacting sales operations if the network falters.

Manhattan Active POS replicates small portions of its cloud-native architecture within the local client running on a device in the store. When connectivity drops, Resilient Cloud technology immediately takes over, so business keeps moving. When connectivity is restored, Resilient Cloud automatically syncs all of the local devices and offline transactions back to the cloud.

Simple, fast, and dependable, Manhattan Active Point of Sale with Resilient Cloud technology is the future of retail, today.

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