5 Differentiating Associate Experiences for POS

Manhattan’s solutions are built to evolve with the ever-changing retail landscape and continuously improve omnichannel experiences to not only meet but exceed modern customer expectations. The associate experience within Manhattan Active® Point of Sale makes life easier than ever for associates to provide the omnichannel experience today’s customers are looking for with new app features that enable seamless selling, engagement, and fulfillment from anywhere in the store in one app.

Intuitive User Interface (UI)

An all-new intuitive user interface ensures customer and cart are always in focus with a split screen that enhances navigation, as well as provides information architecture, guided flows, clarity of icons, and smart micro animations and theming. The UI requires little training and is intuitive to pick up and use because it is built with familiar models for self-checkout and ecommerce checkout.

Optimized For Fixed & Mobile

Users can enjoy an optimized experience from anywhere in the store on fixed station monitors, tablets, and hand-held devices to surface helpful information during transactions.

Lightning-Fast Transactions

Stores perform quick transactions by selective on-device caching on item and price data—with local device cache that provides item description details and Manhattan Active® Omni cloud cached data on price checks, promotion evaluation, and tax evaluation with third-party vendors—and analytics that measure round trip app performance from the store associate’s perspective.

Native Offline Support

If the store loses connectivity, transactions can continue in offline mode using cached data. Support is also provided for offline transactions without the need for an in-store edge server or additional store application.

Customize or Go Headless

Retailers can customize their user interface with simplified paths to modify the UI with customer components and attributes or build their own UI using microservice API designed to support headless implementations.

What It Means for Retailers

The new associate experience features empower associates to convert sales and improve customer service with faster checkouts, fewer clicks, strain-free offline support, and all of the information made available to the associate to deliver truly personalized omnichannel experiences. It enables seamless product discovery, optimal application performance, and less time spent on training with a familiar and consistent user experience.

In a world where all shopping experiences, digital and physical, are required to be connected to satisfy customer needs, Manhattan Active Point of Sale’s cloud-native application unifies omnichannel shopping experiences across all touchpoints for fast, easy, and consistent customer service.

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