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With much of today's shoppers’ buying journey digitally influenced, consumers should be able to easily find answers to questions like, "Where is my order?" But when they need more help, they must engage a retailer's customer service team. Customer service associates need easy-to-use tools with fast access to customer omnichannel shopping history and transaction data to make customer interactions convenient, compelling, and satisfactory. Manhattan Contact Center enables associates to execute efficiently and accurately, making lasting impressions with customers in every contact center interaction.

Unified Customer Dashboard

With Manhattan Contact Center, contact center associates get fast access to information and action needed to resolve customer inquiries to the customer’s satisfaction. Designed to simplify the complexities of omnichannel, Manhattan Contact Center optimizes the presentation of customer omnichannel history, transactions, and insights. A unified view of orders, returns, and interactions across a retailer’s multiple brands and sales channels is accessible from a single customer dashboard, accelerating associates’ responsiveness to customer inquiries.

Fast Navigation to Action

To get contact center associates to action fast, Manhattan Contact Center presents the most requested order- and return-related information actions in fewer clicks, helping reduce inquiry handling times. Quick navigation to common order modifications, such as a change to shipping address or adding coupons, gets customers to issue resolution faster. Manhattan Contact Center carefully considers how contact center associates work and enables them to deliver the exceptional service your customers want.

Key Takeaways

  • Enables customer service associates to succeed with an intuitive user experience that expedites and facilitates the expert handling of customer inquiries.
  • Quickly accesses a customer’s complete omnichannel experience from a single dashboard.
  • Uses multiple capabilities to quickly take action to address the customer need.
  • Seamlessly switches between customer orders, returns, and exchanges.
  • Customizes the user interface and workflow to meet business objectives with configurable extensibility tools.

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