Manhattan Active Inventory, Inventory Management

Get A Complete View of Your Inventory Strategy

Manhattan Active® Inventory management software provides the most advanced inventory management system and optimization tools with a holistic view of all layers of your inventory strategy. It allows demand planners and inventory managers to balance financial planning and management of daily replenishment cycles – even measuring the impact a promotional event will have on inventory service levels.

A Modern Solution for Omni Inventory Optimization

Improve service levels, grow sales, and optimize inventory. These ideas are the cornerstones of advanced inventory optimization in the age of connected commerce. Omnichannel has changed inventory management. Now, fulfillment can happen through many channels, and inventory has to be dynamically available to meet it. Where traditional methodologies are obsolete, Manhattan's inventory tracking system is built to address today’s Omni inventory challenges.

Unlock Innovation with the Right Cloud Architecture

Inventory optimization requires a flexible approach that enables enterprises to quickly take advantage of market and demand trends. To achieve a faster pace and support continuous innovation, Manhattan Active® Inventory solutions are built to be constantly adaptive, accelerating the speed to value for retailers and wholesalers. The entire solution suite is available across a variety of deployment options—public cloud, private cloud, managed/hosted, or on-premise—to serve a broad range of business requirements, capabilities, and budgets.

With Manhattan Active® Inventory management software, you are always current with the latest inventory innovations, and always ready to stay ahead of the marketplace.

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