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Store Inventory & Fulfillment

Support any combination of retail order fulfillment with precise inventory accuracy, leading to memorable associate and customer experiences. Build customer loyalty with efficient ship from store, same day delivery, pickup in-store, and contactless curbside pickup options, enabling your business to make promises that you can keep.
Seamless Curbside &  In Store Pickup

Seamless Curbside & In-Store Pickup

  • Automatically identify high-priority and at-risk orders with Manhattan's store order fulfillment software.
  • Optimized picking strategies based on store operations, processes and store layouts using flexible order, batch, team-based picking and pick-to slot options.
  • Push notifications for new pickup or shipment orders and customer pickup ETA or arrival.
  • Return expired or abandoned pickup orders back to the shelf quickly and efficiently.
  • Communicate in-app directly with customers during pickup, to extend expiring pickup dates or switch to direct shipment.
Easy Picking, Ship from Store & Same Day Delivery

Easy Picking, Ship from Store & Same Day Delivery

  • Automatically identify top priority and at-risk orders.
  • Optimized picking based on your store operations, processes and layouts by order, batch, team-based picking, and pick to slot.
  • RFID-enabled pick path optimization for warehouse-quality pick path activation for more efficiency and less travel.
  • Ship and track parcel packages with native integration to leading parcel carriers.
  • Print and reprint functionality using native print services.
  • Guided flows to accommodate late order cancellations.
Fulfillment Health  & Performance  Dashboards

Fulfillment Health & Performance Dashboards

  • Real-time in-store fulfillment progress & backlog status.
  • Highlighted at-risk orders, rejection rates & additional purchase at pickup revenue
  • Real-time units picked and/or packed by hour efficiency monitoring
  • Store-level picking & packing efficiency totals
Product catalog & omnicart

Robust Inventory Management

  • Native overhead RFID support for the highest levels of inventory accuracy.
  • Improve accuracy with support for inventory cycle counts.
  • Manage perpetual inventory through real-time adjustments & configurable disposition codes.
  • Native unification with order management ensures store inventory updates are immediately reflected in selling channel promising and sourcing.
Simple Receiving  & Transfers

Simple Receiving & Transfers

  • Plan for receiving with receipt visibility.
  • Receive in-store by item, package, case or load with support for audits, blind receipts and wrong store receiving.
  • Pullback and transfer order capabilities for end-of-season inventory returns and rebalancing.
  • Initiate ad-hoc store transfers of inventory between stores or return to vendor.


Kendra Scott pivots to ship-from-store

Measures to contain COVID-19 led to Kendra Scott’s retail stores being shut down with it’s primary distribution center reduced to minimum basic operations.

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Cloud-native and made with 100% microservices


Continuously updated with new features and capabilities every 90 days


Never needs upgrading and scales automatically to match demand


Delivered seamlessly in partnership with Google Cloud

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Manhattan Active Omni Brochure
Order ManagementBrochures

Manhattan Active® Omni

Learn how we are powering retail's next decade of growth.
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Omnichannel Store Inventory And Fulfillment
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Omnichannel Store Inventory And Fulfillment

Retail stores have to do more to meet customers’ rising omnichannel expectations. Mastering store inventory and fulfillment are the keys to success.
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Optimizing Store Inventory and Fulfillment with RFID
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Optimizing Store Inventory and Fulfillment with RFID

RFID-enabled store inventory & fulfillment enables retailers to profitably offer flexible fulfillment options that meet today’s customer expectations.
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Transform your store into an omnichannel fulfillment center
Store Inventory & FulfillmentProduct Information

Transform your store into an omnichannel fulfillment center

Transform your store into an omnichannel fulfillment center to create more satisfied and loyal customers and more engage associates.
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Manhattan Active® Platform Technology
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Manhattan Active® Platform Technology

Built on a microservices architecture, the Manhattan Active® Platform is a cloud-native foundation for always current, constantly adaptive operations.
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Store Inventory and Fulfillment Explainer Video
Order ManagementVideo

Store Inventory & Fulfillment Explainer Video

Store inventory and fulfillment technology can help your associates meet demand, keep promises and delight customers. Watch our video to learn more.
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