Omnichannel Commerce Enablement

Create a single, seamless customer and associate experience with software that unifies online, mobile, and in-store commerce—providing you with more inventory visibility, sales data, and customer preferences.

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Manhattan Active® Omni

Point of Sale

Easy, intuitive omnichannel promotions, RFID-enabled checkout, and payments that work on any device.

Order Management

Global inventory visibility, optimized promising and fulfillment, plus intelligent returns processing.

Customer Service and Engagement

Retail-focused contact center, full-service support, and customer self-service—all in a single, seamless solution.

Store Inventory and Fulfillment

Manage inventory and fulfill from the store with warehouse-quality efficiency—using the same app that controls selling and engagement.

2023 Unified Commerce Benchmark

Our 2023 Benchmark for Specialty Retail is the industry's first Unified Commerce benchmark with real purchases, real returns, and real customer kourneys across digital and physical channels.

Customer Success

Retailers such as PacSun keep pace with omnichannel shoppers that never slow down.

Faster and Easier Than Ever to Connect

Manhattan Active Platform technology makes it faster and easier than ever to connect to existing systems, valued partners, and new services. To make it even easier, we’ve already integrated Manhattan Active Solutions into industry-leading solutions for everything from inventory visibility and autonomous mobile robots to payments, fraud, and search engine shopping, just to name a few. It’s your supply chain commerce ecosystem. Unified.

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