Traditional Point of Sale Systems Were Not Designed For Unified Commerce

Traditional point of sale (POS) systems were never designed for the world of unified commerce and do not offer the wide range of customer-centric capabilities needed in today’s retail environment. Most legacy systems struggle with capabilities like network inventory, combined online and physical orders, and in-store promotions. At the same time, e-commerce platforms are rarely robust enough to support in-store transactions, which means with anything but Manhattan Active Omni, you are compromising.

To compete effectively in brick-and-mortar retailing, merchants need an engagement platform that helps store associates get ahead of their connected customers. Store operators are adapting to changing store designs and formats, as well as new combinations of order and payment types. Until now, store systems deployment choices were largely technology decisions, not business decisions.

Point of Sale has real-time access to global network availability. With a single swipe, the store will never miss an opportunity to delight a customer. The aisle is always endless, all customer engagement venues operate on a single, more easily managed version of software, and the solution is easy and intuitive, whether on a fixed lane or a mobile device.

And with promotional events and deal pricing, Point of Sale utilizes Manhattan Active Omni’s global promotions and pricing capabilities in the store. Promotional events and deal pricing utilizes set theory to create a rich environment for offers by markets, geographies, channels and customers to make it simple to make the right offer at the right time.

Point of sale is part of the Manhattan ActiveTM Omni platform, which supports deployments anywhere, whether in the store, on traditional Windows terminals, or on mobile iOS and Android devices, using the same responsive interface in all form factors. Manhattan Point of Sale supports permanent stores or pop-up locations, high-touch service, or high-traffic volume, allowing retailers to choose the best deployment strategy for their business.

Features + Functions
  • Utilize a single, responsive user interface for omnichannel selling
  • Management of complex pricing promotions with automated “best deal” outcomes
  • Associate linking for in-store management of sales credit and rules adherence
  • Calendar views for customer appointments and associate tasking
  • Support industry-leading point of sale hardware options
  • Deploy any combination of fixed or mobile devices across iOS, Android, Windows, or browser
  • Deliver uninterrupted operation with on-site fault tolerance
  • Support business-specific extensions with no update impacts
  • Integrate securely to third-party payment systems
  • Support digital catalogs, adapted to form factor and use case
  • Configure look-and-feel branding and intuitive workflows
  • Use centralized, web-based administration with rich, configurable feature sets for all transaction types
  • Deliver a single system of record for all transaction types


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