Order Management

Manhattan Active™ Omni provides the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of customer transactions regardless of channel, both inbound or outbound—call center, digital commerce, online marketplaces, distribution centers, stores, drop-shippers, resellers, and more. Retailers rely on Order Management to initiate or manage the complete, end-to-end life cycle of the customer order from initial fraud check to payment settlement and sales posting.

VIDEO: Bring all retail touchpoints together (02:00)

With Order Management, every single system that creates, interacts, reads, or reacts to your customers and their transactions is interconnected. It provides a single source of truth for anything and everything related to your orders. Digital commerce systems, your customers, call center agents, fulfillment leaders, and store associates alike are exposed to a real-time view of transactions and global inventory. Within a single system of record for customer orders across all channels, brands and geographies, merchants can greatly improve omnichannel capabilities and the customer experience.

Features + Functions
  • Support orders from any channel for a single source of truth
  • Reduce complexity and cost with a single architecture
  • MACD (moves, adds, changes or deletes) of in-flight orders
  • Track specific milestones to pro-actively raise and resolve issues
  • Audit every modification during the order lifecycle process
  • Provide support for multi-brand, multi-country, multi-currency
  • Manage payment life cycle for every order, across channels
  • Provide support for BOPIS, BORIS, ship to store, ship from store
  • Support any fulfillment like ship to home, pick up in store, ship from store and same-day delivery within a single order
  • Enable returns through any channel with automated refunds
  • Make inventory adjustments and manage enterprise inventory levels based on appropriate disposition codes
  • Leverage legacy ordering solutions to maximize existing investments with a single view of the order to customer
  • Enable capabilities like customer history lookup, save the sale, and cross-channel returns/exchanges with extensive REST services
  • Pre-integrate tax calculations with third-party tax applications
  • Pre-integrate payment processing with third-party gateways

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